* To ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

* To provide products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

* To follow the technology closely and to provide our customers with the experience we have gained.

* To maximize the business efficiency of our customers with services we provide.

* To be open to suggestions and criticisms.

* All my employees spread quality awareness.

* To comply with the standards in our products and services.

* Keeping the tide constantly high in quality.

* Developing new ideas.

* To use the latest technology in production.

* Produce with errorless.

* To give product and production guarantee of the products we produce.

* To exchange opinions about products in hot environment with our customers.




The success that he has caught in the Turkish market is to continue in the open outside market. Always taking customer satisfaction into consideration, adopting the necessities of change, catching innovations in the sector of dtomotiv and making useful investments in the country.



The ultimate target of Zengin Otomat is to be one of the most preferable company with their customer focus production and knowledge of high quality coupled with staff of highly technical knowledge as well as experience.