Zengin Otomat Company was founded in 1989 to produce machine parts, especially focused on AUTO-ROLVER works in accordance with suitable technical details.

By following closely emerging Technologies, we are producing parts for white durable goods and natural gas sectors as well as injector parts, electric motor parts, various special bushes and nuts for the automotive sector.

Also our studies continues to operate with CNC automata emphasising on quality policies.

Fields Of Supply

Automotive supply industry

Machinery Industry

Electrical and Electronics


Author Box

The Records

LPG and natural parts

The bathroom and furniture accessories

Machinery and Equipment

1-Mazak CNC lathe-NEXUS -150 8"

2- Goodway GLS-260 10" (CNC Lathe)

3-Quick Tech 42 6"

4 - (2 pcs) B60 INDEX

5 - (2 pcs) B25 INDEX

6 - (2 pcs) B18 INDEX

7- 4 pcs 12 INDEX

8 - (2 pcs) Strohom plain (12.5)

9 - (2 pcs) 30, and a 42 rovelver Machine

10 - (4 pcs) Drilling Machine

11-Burring Machine

12-Digital Control Equipments